User Image STEVE YE

[ SemiconductorㆍDisplayㆍElectronicㆍComponents ]

Korea Aerospace University(
Namdaejeon High School(

User Image Myung Kyu Kim

[ SemiconductorㆍDisplayㆍElectronicㆍComponents ]

Sejong University Management Information (MIS)

Dongbu HiTech HR Team (6 years)
Maverick Consulting Semiconductor (2 years)
Good Career Semiconductor Manager (2006 ~ Current)
Global semiconductor equipment makers and global chip makers in charge

Time is life itself.
If you don't walk today,
you will have to run tomorrow.
Why do you make efforts commonly,
don't want to live commonly!

User Image JHJUNG

[ SemiconductorㆍDisplayㆍElectronicㆍComponents ]

Computer Science in Konkook Univ.

AT Semicon HR Team Leader
Head of HR Team, Seoul Semiconductor

The real effort never betrays me .

Everything will be done if you try hard.

User Image Cynthia Kim

[ SemiconductorㆍDisplayㆍElectronicㆍComponents ]

- Yonsei University, Master of Business Administration
- Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Chemical Engineering

- SK Hynix Semiconductor / HYDIS Technology (TFT LCD사업부)
  - Merchandising / Strategic Marketing & Processes Large Enterprise Career (13 years) / Consultant Career (12 years)
  - Main customers of semiconductor / display / electronic parts, chemicals

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