User Image Yang Young Deok

[ PharmaceuticalㆍBioㆍCosmeticsㆍClothing ]

Pusan National University Department of Trade

Kolon Industries
- Head of Human Resources Team
- manager of innovation team
- Group Chairman's Office
- direct director center director

The life is only once.
Think different!
The regret after not doing something is bigger
than that of doing something.

User Image Chihu LEE

[ PharmaceuticalㆍBioㆍCosmeticsㆍClothing ]

Korea National University of Transportation

J&E Co.,Ltd.
etners Co.,Ltd

We will recommend the best talent.
We will help you with your difficulty finding a new job!
We will be happy to assist you whenever it is difficult to find talent!
Please contact us at phone no.010-3233-3259 or email :

User Image Nam-Ho Kim

[ PharmaceuticalㆍBioㆍCosmeticsㆍClothing ]

Domestic university, Chemical Engineering

Chong Kun Dang Sales Department / Computer Room

Impossible, it is a excuse,
who does not endeavor.
Early birds catch the worms.
Gnius is one percent inspiration and
ninty-nine percent perspiration.
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