User Image Changdeok YOO

[ ConsultingㆍITㆍGameㆍTelecommunications ]

- Graduated from Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts, Kyunghee University
- Graduated from Kyunghee University Graduate School of Business Administration

- GS Retail (formerly LG Distribution)
- Dream Security
- LG Electronics

The company you are looking for in talent !!!!
You need a job too !!!
Please feel free to contact us.

With 16 years of experience in the Head Hunter
I will definitely recommend the best talent.

I will give you the best matching company
We will recommend as much as possible.

User Image Younghan.Kang

[ ConsultingㆍITㆍGameㆍTelecommunications ]

Graduated from Sungkyunkwan University

Microsoft Korea
EMC Korea
Informix Korea

Think different!

The regret after not doing something is bigger
than that of doing something.

User Image Kyuseok Lee

[ ConsultingㆍITㆍGameㆍTelecommunications ]

Red Duck
Neowiz Games

I have experiences about game industry over 15 years.

I think most valuable thing in the world is UNITY.

User Image KS LEE

[ ConsultingㆍITㆍGameㆍTelecommunications ]

Chonbuk National University Department of English Literature

Gravity Ragnarok 2 Studio
4:33 mobile business Team
Identity Mobile Business Team
Smilegate Casual Business Team

Game, IT professional head hunter from a game company business PM
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