User Image Young-Jin Park

[ ChemicalㆍHeavy IndustryㆍConstructionㆍEnergy ]

B.A in Business Administration, Hansung University

- CAS : Purchase Department Manager
- Huber+Suhner : Sales / Marketing Managing Director
- GoodCareer : Executive Search Firm (2008~Present)
(Primary Searching Field : Leading Semiconductor Companies & Many Global Companies)

"Luck is for ones who expect, but fortune is prepared for who seeks"
I know well that recruiting talents is utmost concern for companies,
so I take it seriously for both company and candidates to achieve a win-win situation.

→ Suitable candidates for clients !!
→ Reliable job positions for candidates !!

User Image Jeongseog Park

[ ChemicalㆍHeavy IndustryㆍConstructionㆍEnergy ]

Kyunghee University, Department of Business Administration
Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Business Administration

Hyundai Motor

Where there is a will there is a way.
Think of the end before you begin.

User Image Hyeong-gyu Park

[ ChemicalㆍHeavy IndustryㆍConstructionㆍEnergy ]

Domestic university, Public Administration

4 years of HR experience
11 years of Search firm experience

As ones sows so shall he reap.
Do today what you could do tomorrow.
Rome is not built in a day.

User Image Yu-Shin Kim

[ ChemicalㆍHeavy IndustryㆍConstructionㆍEnergy ]

Graduating from the Department of Law at Chungnam National University

Hyundai Engineering Plastics co, Ltd. / Personnel Manager (2007 ~ 2014)
Goodcareer (2014 ~ Present)
Blind Paper Evaluation Committee member of the government-run bank (2019)

Kim has the ability to lead the client's project and is trusted by customers as well as candidates.
Kim has extensive work experience across personnel recruitment, so he understands the organization system, workflow and the role of the company.
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