Organization Chart

Organization Chart


History of GoodCareer

  • December 2018

    Opening of renewed head hunting ERP system
  • April 2018

    Service Agreement with Swedish Embassy Seoul, Korea
  • August 2017

    Participation in Job Exhibition Hosted by Gangnam-gu Office
  • May 2017

    Nominated as a member of Incheon Human Resource Development Committee
  • June 2015

    Service Agreement with KOVA (Korea Venture Association)
  • March 2013

    Nominated as a Job Mentoring for Youth committee under FKI (the Federation of Korean Industries)
  • May 2012

    Moved to Daejong Building for extended office
  • January 2012

    Service Agreement with Innobiz, Korea
  • September 2009

    Opening of the Head Hunting ERP System
  • December 2007

    Newly set-up of the teams for Consulting, IT, game and information & communication
  • December 2007

    New registration as a career company at Gangnam-gu Office (registration number: Gangnam-Yoo 2007-3220127-14-5-00028 Ho)
  • November 2007

    Moved to Namyoung Building at Gangnam-gu
  • June 2007

    Registration as a Career Firm at Seocho-gu Office
  • May 2006

    Set-up of the teams for Finance, Consumer Goods, Public Service
  • December 2005

    Set-up of the teams for Semiconductors, Display, Electronics and Components
  • August 2005

    Establishment of GoodCareer (
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