Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process


Wide range of search and global network for finding corporate ready people

Objective and transparent, cost saving and confidential HR management.

Excellent DB(database) of applicants providing the extended choice of professional people in high tech

Career management of people and Keeping the organizational stability based on thorough after service


  • 01. Confirmation of Client Recruitment Order and Analysis of Open Position

    Upon Confirmation of the client order, GoodCareer shall investigate the requirements of the position based on client interview either through phone call or client visit, and analyze the position for appropriate search for and find the right applicants
  • 02. Contract

    Contracting with the client on commission rate and contract period
  • 03. Selection and Recommendation of Applicants

    To recommend the best applicants match with client requirements, who have been found utilizing all the DB, human network, and pool of human resource
  • 04. Client Interview

    To arrange an interview for the client with the candidates who have passed the resume review, then the whom interview schedule, interview guide and client’s after-interview-feedback are to be provided in a timely manner
  • 05. Recruitment Decision and Negotiation on Conditions

    GoodCareer shall coordinate the process of negotiation on the employer treatment, and general employment conditions between the client and the applicant
  • 06. Completion of Recruitment

    Invoice for the commission based on the contract shall be released to the client after completion of all the recruitment process
  • 07. After Recruitment Management

    GoodCareer shall continue to support the employed applicant for (his or her) full adaptation on the new working environment; if the applicant for any reasons terminates the employment within the warranty period, GoodCareer shall recommend a replacement of the same qualification to the client
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