Reference Check Process

Reference Check Process


Complete Verification of people thorough reference check

Verification of unqualified and low performance people

Multi-dimensional verifications of professional people’s performance


  • 01. Service Request

    Request for the applicant reference check is received from the client
  • 02. Agreement on How-to-Do

    Reference check methods are to be discussed and agreed up on with the client
  • 03. Contract

    A contract with the client shall be made
  • 04. Reference Check

    Information on the reference for the applicant shall be collected from the referees and investigated complying with the regulations of the Korean privacy protection law
  • 05. Report on Reference Check Result

    Report on the reference check result shall be made based on objective information from the referees
  • 06. Submission of the Report

    The report shall be submitted to the client who requested
  • 07. Request for the Payment of the Commission / Receipt of Payment

    Upon submission of the report, commission shall be requested and paid according to the agreement with the client
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